We are a Teaching Practice

Tollgate Medical Centre is an appointed general practitioner training practice and often benefits from the services of GP registrars. These are fully qualified doctors with extensive hospital experience who hope to enter general practice. We currently have 3 registrars with us, Dr White, Dr Ikram and Dr Boehm.

We currently have 3 registrars with us, Dr White, Dr Ikram and Dr Boehm.

Please note that patient permission is always sought before including any medical student in consultations.

With the patient’s consent students may sit in on consultations with the GP or nurse to learn about general practice.

Students are also occasionally asked, with the patient’s consent, to carry out a consultation alone which is then discussed with the GP student and patient.

If you agree to see a medical student, you will be assisting with their training and your cooperation will be appreciated. However the choice is yours and you do not need to have a consultation with a medical student if you prefer not to.

We hope that you will help with the doctor training by agreeing to consult with a medical student if an appointment is offered to you. However you may request to see your usual doctor for a consultation if you prefer.

Sitting-in Surgeries

For the sake of education, you may attend surgeries while a trainee is present in the same room; your GP will always ask for your permission for the trainee to stay in the room and listen to/participate in the consultation. All the consultations will still be regarded confidential. It is always possible to ask the trainee to leave the room if you do not feel comfortable to continue the consultation.

Video Consultations

There may be times when the registrar will be videoing their consultations for their learning program. this is a powerful tool in developing effective communication skills when viewed by the trainer alongside the registrar and remains completely confidential.

We will always ask you for your permission and ask you to sign a consent form beforehand and then again after the consultation.

You will be given the choice to decline this offer and your decision will be fully respected and will in no way affect the care you are given.