Practice Environmental Sustainability  

Carbon footprint 

The NHS is responsible for 4-5% of the UK’s carbon footprint.  

To have a 50% chance of avoiding the consequences of >1.5°C of warming, global carbon emissions will have to reach net-zero by 2050.  

Tollgate is using the ‘Green impact for Healthcare Toolkit’ to help us reduce our environmental impact.  Green impact for Healthcare Toolkit (GIFH) – Greener Practice 

Air quality 

Tollgate has been involved in a successful bid for a Breathe London air quality monitor. This monitor is up on Tollgate Rd at the Ellen Wilkinson Primary School. You can see live air pollution levels here:  Node Info — Breathe London 

You can find out more on air quality and what actions we can take here: 

Clean Air Hub | Global Action Plan 

You can sign up to free air quality emails or texts: 

airText – Sign up to airTEXT alerts 

Inhaler medication 

A large part of our healthcare carbon footprint comes from medications and some of the worst offenders are inhalers.   Inhalers are a vital part of managing respiratory disease but there are now excellent alternative inhalers which have very low carbon footprints. 

Green Inhaler – Making your inhaler more environmentally friendly